19 Jun 2024 
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Where do I delete profile photos?
Can you show me where to put my adsense ads in site like yours?
How create App Store payment plans?
How do I set up App Store payments for iOS app?
Is it possible to change the genders to business users. I'm looking to build a business network.
How to disable accounts and content approval?
How to show name of receiver and sender in auto mails?
How can I check that cron is running?
How do I view my credit balance in Mobile Impact?
What computer language was used to develop the dating solution?
What are "Default" and "Profile" SEO module options?
What is {site_title} in SEO module?
How change main page background in Impact template?
How do we add additional countries, state and city etc to the list?
How do I deactivate chatrooms?
Can we send a message to a user from the admin panel as an admin?
How do I set up Google Play payments for Android app?
How create Google Play payment plans?
How to get base64-encoded RSA public key for Android app?
How to disable 3dcity rooms?
Change icons main page (Impact)
Affiliate(Partner) Program Overview (Part 2)
Number of profiles in the search results.
How to change Impact inner pages background image?
How to hide users without photo?
How to disable live streaming?
How can I change the password of admin?
I would like to know how to configure the 404 error in order to customize the page?
Which database tables contain user information?
How to disable auto population of extended search filters during registration in Impact template?
How do I see which users have video on their profile?
How activate photo approval?
How do I set up Stripe?
How can i hide the "invisible browsing mode" button
Time zone setting
How can I make video chat one of the free services ?
Where to edit privacy policy in the Edge template?
How to disable links in the footer of Edge template?
How to set profile as Urban home page?
How to decrease photo file size?
How to use payment system only for some of payment plans?
How to add additional values in profile fields?
I can’t change boy to men OR girl to women.
Remove email verfication
What does SEO Friendly URL's do?
How to change BOYS & GIRLS to MEN & WOMEN?
How to change the volume of the background youtube video on the main page of the site?
Оn the EDGE theme where is the place where i can change the "terms" and "policy" please?
Where can I read messages sent via "Contact" form?
3DCity Are there any keystrokes that give the avatars any facial expressions? (For example :) makes the avatars smile.)
How do we create friends on website or mobile app? (Urban)
Can all the logos and names be changed in 3DCity?
How to change the age range of users on the site (18-100)?
How works 3D City?
How does Street Chat work?
Can't send mail via mail()
What CMS does Chamleon use?
Can you tell me which file calls the timeline feed(wall)?
Why some countries are duplicated in selectbox on registration page?
How to change the color of the tiles that the icons are on(Impact mobile)?
How to delete chat (messages) in Impact and Urban mobile templates?
I would like to know the format of the videos that we can upload to site.
Hide chat messages popups on 3DCity pages(Impact)
How do I set up the SSL seal code?
Default birthday value
How can change the (c) to a © on my copyright at bottom of page?
We have appointed one of the users as the moderator of the profiles. How can he get started? Where is his office located?
How is the functionality of individual chat implemented?
How to add a new city which is not in the database?
How do i remove a users videos from admin panel?
I am unable to unblock a member from mobile site. Where is the option(impact mobile)?
What does the "Don't show me as a 'Profile visitor' "option mean in the user profile settings?
What does the option "Hide my presence from other users" mean in the user profile settings?
How to prevent a user from deleting his profile on the site?
What if I don't want ANY image on main page of Impact and want just white screen?
How to disable profile status information (Impact)?
How to set up your unique "Facebook like button" button on the "Urban" template home page
How can I count miles in km search?
"Pics uploads" statistics.
I don't see links on apps on main page of Edge template
How to disable the information banner on the main page "Urban"?
What is the difference between "Native Player" and "Custom Player". What feature does this player apply to?
How can I set the mandatory photo when registering a new user(Impact)?
How to disable 3DCity?
Where to enable/disable "Encounters"(Urban)?
How to remove the block "Cool new videos" on the main page of the template "Mixer"?
How to change the order of the menu in the right column of the Urban template?
How to hide users on map on main page of Urban?
How to cancel "Activate Super Powers" to those users for whom it is already active?
What does "Users Reports and Content Reports" mean?
How to change the background image on the main page of the Impact mobile template?
How to change copyright text at the bottom of page?
How to add more screenshots to my Android App listing?
How to show full screen picture on main page of Impact?
Can we see the messages of all the profiles in our website and sometimes delete some messages of scams and other fraud actions ?
How can I invite you to be able to publish my Android app?
How do i change the names of chatrooms?
How to delete group in Edge template?
I want to change the home page of the website and the mobile website with a landing page.
How to change the font color of percent on graphs in the Impact mobile template?
How can I apply 100 credits to a member who has just joined?
How can I increase minimum size of user photo?
How to change the design of the application (mobile template) using the admin panel?
Where can i change colors in chart canvas statistic. Phisics, hobbies, Intellect(Impact)?
How to disable/enable Edge menu items?
How to disable the link "Remove ads"(Impact)
How to edit Facebook and Twitter link in Edge template footer?
I changed the homepage pic. I did it on laptop. But when I open the site on my mobile, the same old pic is visible.(Impact mobile)
How to change the image on the main page of Edge template?
How do I turn off people, pages, photos, and videos from the index page(EDGE)?
How do I set things up so that a gay man will be matched with men rather than women?
What file are the menu items generated in for the narrow column template menu in urban?
IM antispam settings
Is there a way for me to automatically issue free credits (like 1,000) credits when a member signs up?
What is "Your private note"?
Is there a way to check how many members are paid members?
When i turn Edge on, this private photos just desapear from the front-end.
How to set payment plan selected by default?
How I can upper size video(photo) for upload?
Is there a file, where i can see what member is blocked by users?
How to translate forum topic names(Oryx)
Search by distance
How can I delete the images for the main page of Impact?
System of payment plans and credits .
Can I disable the option "download" photo & video in the template Edge?
Chameleon geo data structure
How can I disable prefill of "Extended search" after registration?
Mandatory photo upload at registration (Impact desktop)
"Forced profile picture upload"
How to hide "About" user in Edge template?
How long does a profile stay in the top bar Spotlight?
How to translate profile field values?
Where to change the currency "$"?
How can ı make 3d cities visible to visitors to allow them to test 3d and stay more on the site?
How to disable the "GDPR"?
Is there a way to disable the email notification "new member registration" to admin?
Edge Template Basic Settings.
How to hide a map with users on the Urban mobile template main page?
Where to set homepage for Edge template?
Paid features and features paid by credits, what is the difference (urban, impact)?
Modules > Banners
How to hide a button "Browse profiles invisibly"(Impact)?
Which site folders should have write permission?
Where can I find the audio and video chat buttons in the mobile template Impact?
How to disable page level ads for your website?
Customize color scheme for Impact.
How to create a custom page in desktop template Impact?
How to call a user in video-audio chat in a mobile template Impact?
How to send gifts in the mobile version of urban?
Cookie that are used in the chameleon
How to make a user profile background in one color (urban)?
Reset cache after making changes to templates and site styles.
How to adjust the order of items in the mobile menu (impact mobile)?
How to set the minimum percentage value in graphs (Impact)?
How to change the text of the pages "About" and "Contact us" (Impact)?
How do I change the email templates?
How can I disable/move menu items in Impact header?
How can I add new words in template files?
How to send emails from site only to exists email addresses?
Is there any tool for making to skip the initial 5 questions in Impact?
Affiliate(Partner) Program Overview (Part 1)
Where to edit the page "About" (Impact)?
Where can I change my contact information (Impact)?
How can I change the currency from dollar to SEK?
How do you see who is online and who has joined in the app and online?
How can I show the payment page right after 'Join Now' first page?
On desktop version, how can I remove the voice call feature(Urban)?
How to disable video uploads so that people cannot upload videos?
How to change Urban main page background color?
How to set my video for main page?
What is the URL of the privacy policy?
My site is not indexing by search systems
What affects the graphs(Impact)?
How do you change price of Boost Credits?
How i can set automatic for every users registret,search people Nearm Me(Impact)?
What is the difference for: "The site can be access only by paying members" and "This site has some paid features"
What is "Text Field Filter"
How does a user change gender on Oryx?
What services can I use for credits in the Impact template?
I have had clients join my dating website and they have been deleted. How can this happen by itself.
How to use my banners instead of AdMob in mobile app?
Google Maps is not loading, I see message "Do you own this website? g.co/staticmaperror/billing"
How can I add AdMob banner in mobile app?
How to change the profile fields that are counted in the results of the graphs (Impact)
How can I disable search systems indexing for some page/folders?
How to change the colors of the graphs in the Impact template?
I have bought profiles but cannot find them in encounters(hot or not)
How can I set opposite profile type or types?
How can I show site on language of visitor?
How can I translate payments plans?
Where can I change the number of credits needed to boost profile(Impact)?
My Default Gender in my profile question is Women. How can I change it to man?
How to enable all profile fields for registration in Oryx/Mixer/New age?
What is "Demo" in "Main > Payment > Payment systems"?
How do I give myself (user) superpowers?
Popap with messages hides the menu in 3DCity.
I want that the not registered users can test the 3DCity without registration
How can I upgrade a free member to a paid member ?
How can I disable payment plan for one of payment systems?
Right column widgets not showing on profiles even though all of the right column options are enabled(Urban)?
If customer send abuse about another member, where i receive notify and where i can verify the chat about this abuse(Report)?
How to change the order in the right column in the Urban template?
How to upload the affiliate banners?
Where can I get the link on my iOS app?
How to setup Adsense or other crawler login on website?
What is the optimum width and height of a banner on template Impact?
How to disable the menu item in the right column(Urban)?
How can I find where to change color of site text?
The Wall on Urban theme. When I click on "All Members" it does not show all members posts.
And can i disable "Activate super powers"(Urban)?
Is there a way to find out if the mass emails has been sent? How can I check the status.
How to change "I'm here to" values in Impact description of search filter?
Greeting audio message (Oryx, Mixer, New age)
How to fill in the "Meta tags" field correctly(SEO)?
Is it possible to extend individual users free trial period(Paid days left)?
Where to translate "Signing up takes two minutes and is totally free."(Impact)?
I have added a new interests category and I need to assign a new icon to it(Urban)
How to send email notifications by cron to decrease delays when I visit profiles?
How can I disable menu items in Urban/Impact?
How do I check the history of conversations between users?
How can I change the text on the main page where it says "Join the Best Dating Site in the World"(Impact)
How do I customize the menu in the right column(Urban)?
How do i disable Games, Street Chat?
How to change the order of blocks in the right column(Urban)?
How to change contact information(Impact)?
How does the "Boost profile" work(Impact)?
How to change the background and colors of the menu in a mobile urban?
How to disable individual chat on the 3DCity page(Impact)?
Minimum image sizes for the main page
Can you add additional Chat rooms?
What is the exactly meaning of "Amount" and "Amount old"(Impact)
How do I disable "You have a new visitor! " emails?
Why can not I see users in the search(Impact)?
How enable google translator for language editor in adminpanel?
How many users can enter a Street Chat at a time?
I'm trying to add a new field, but he says that the "Ethnicity" field already exists?
I need to remove the links Knowledgebase and Modifications from the admin cp.
Where is search in impact mobile?
How to remove location title from main page?
How allow more 10 members in one location of street chat?
How to answer the question in the same ticket?
"Always online count" - what is it?
When i use the extended search, the tick box for "Only with photos" is not filtering out the no photo users?
How can I add a description of the base field if the field has not been filled in yet?
Is it possible to hide country(state, city)?
How to translate the values of the profile fields?
What is this "Appearance" field?
I want to be able to edit the upgrade page. For example, change the icons, their order etc.
How to change background picture on the mobile impact template?
How can I disable some languages on my site?
I want require payment before member can use site
Is it possible to disable change of gender after registration?
My programmer needs your PHP code description to make changes.
Where can a user upload a photo in a gallery in 3DCity?
Registration of a new user in the desktop template Impact
How do I set up Skrill?
How user can verify account and get "Verified account" icon?
How can I use my hosting ffmpeg for video upload?
Example of work "Auto Translation"
How can I add (edit, delete) the questions in the questionnaire in the third step of registering the Impact template?
How can we setup which user account will show up in new register users welcome message?
How does work "Average rating of your photos" (Urban)?
How to set the background image for the main page of the mobile template "Impact"
How can i translate quiz in join. For example: "Do you prefer only single people?" (Impact)
I want to disable or hide (Straight / Bisexsual) selection (Impact)
Where can I edit contact page in Impact?
How to edit order menu in the right column, template Urban?
I am missing the selection window of the sexual orientation on the homepage. How to add this field? (Impact)
How to disable the ability to block one user to another?
Example of translated phrases in the Portuguese language in your template "Urban"
Where can I change the Gift System from paid to free?
How can i change the presentation text of urban mobile?("Chat with fun new people, share photos and interests, even date!")
How do I make the page display everything in Spanish without deleting all languages?
How do I remove the Facebook Like button at the bottom of my site?
How to change default image for the profile without a photo?
Can I disable video and audio chat?
What is the section of the admin panel in the "Users activate"
I don't see some of top menu items
How can I add another social login?
I see error "failed to open stream: No such file or directory" after update or install
Where i can request the access to private photo on mobile urban??
How can I rotate photo to correct side?
How to change the design of the module with photos in the header for the visitor of the site(Urban)?
How to change the image on the main page the "Affiliate"?
How to resize logo?
Where can I find the main page app store logo and google store logo?
How can I use "Restore" in languages list?
How to change the location of the information block on the main page(Urban)?
Where to edit the contents of the "Welcoming message"?
How can I change currency sign position in the payment description?
My profile doesn't receive emails from site
How to translate "ALL" in your search filter(urban mobile)?
How to remove block "Profile customization" (the choice of profile background in urban)?
How can I limit count of photos in free profiles?
How to reduce the number of displayed main menu items in Oryx?
How do I set up Zombaio?
How to translate "pending audit"?
How can I add a special translation for word on a specific page?
Gmail smtp error - Please log in via your web browser and then try again
Remove/disable the 3D City both on mobile and on web
SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number
When I click on the extended option, it is redirecting to the login page rather than showing the filter options?
How can I change date format or time format?
I can temporarily block women registrations on my website?
The location to main page after "Meet new people in..." is not accurate
How can I increase the size for video and photos to be uploaded to the members profile?
Need to get rid of the "Invite Facebook Friends" on profile page..
Where are the smilies stored and can I replace them?
How to hide the module from the user picture at the top of the site for visitors(urban)?
How does a user transfer credit to another user?
How to disable news section: Site Tour, Testimonials and other(Oryx, New age)
How can I edit subcategories in the Advertisements module?
How to change image of gifts in the urban template?
How to upload a picture on the wall(the icon of the camera)
How can I redirect my domain to www.domain?
I don't see Spotlight on my site
What is "Special Delivery"?
How does invisible mode work if activated and where do I see that and can I choose it in the front end?
Is there a way to embed code into pages created under site news?
How to disable customize profile and use a normal 1 background for all sites?
How do I set my websites up so that email confirmation is done before user can log in or use website?
In the header how can you disable the lanagues you don't want to show on the site?
How do do you remove the affliates feature from the footer?
How do I remove the link: invite facebook friends in the right column?
How can I move site to other hosting?
Where can I download Chameleon.Urban Mobile PSD for editing?
Where can I download Chameleon.Urban PSD for editing?
I am using the Oryx template, but I do not see the moveable windows that are shown on the demo.
I have issue with redirects on my site
How to show button "Activate Super Powers!" in the right column?
Is there a way to change or alter the date of when a member joined or registered to the website?
How can I change urban colors for header and footer?
How do I change the text from log in to chameleon to my site's name?
What does field "Meta tags" mean and what effect does it have?
How to add a new orientation to the site?
How to increase count of profiles on the search page?
How can I create Google Maps API Key?
How to hide the module with a photo in the header of the site for visitor?
How could I put a "Share" facebook button on the main page?
How user can change their password(Urban)?
What is the "Ban" function in the Admin?
How can I set admin email?
How to assign a user the moderator of the site?
How to translate the names on the settings page of the profile in your Urban template?
How to change the image on the main page(Urban)?
How can i remove the affiliates link from the pages botton?
Where can I see and change your avatar into 3DCity?
Resend verification email
"Number of emails to sent at one cron run" what does that mean?
After I change password and update, a long number appears(hash for passwords).
How can I disable users list in the header?
How to add a field in advanced search?
How can I delete main categories in the Advertisements module?
Do I have an option to send mass messages from admin?
How to increase number of photos for spotlight?
"Chameleon Community", how can i disable this in my admin panel?
How to insert a picture in the Tinymce editor?
How can I add image in the admin text editor?
How can I disable some site options?
Can you please explain what does the option "Fake profiles' replier" in "Fakes reply"?
Force users to upload photo no work on template New Age(Oryx, Mixer)
Only for women(man) everything on the page is free
How can I disable affiliate module?
Is there the option for the user to enter his/her gender so that on the search results page he/she can see matches of the opposite gender?
How to remove, flip, change the status(public-private) profile photo in template "Urban mobile"
Where to set up adsense for mobile?
I have changed the user type from none to Platinum but no access to paid features
I have change the Status from none to Platinum. But I cannot read IM Messages.(Oryx)
How can I change menu items order for Oryx?
Why the user after registration, just go to the upgrade page and does not have access to the site?
How can i select Var. #6 in FrontPage see image
Can you delete single interests instead of entire interest
Set the number of messages displayed in chat
"SuperPowers needed for sending more than messages per day"?
How can I block site for members without photo?
What is option "Forced profile picture upload"?
What languages is available for app?
How can I add translations for the new categories for groups?
How to add a video background to the main page?
How could I change the icons for "friends", "date" and "chat"?
How to disable some automails?
Where to set the value of the "credit" when you purchase via the payment system?
How to revoke access (already approved earlier) to private photo?
How can i delete one orientation?
Where do I order modifications?
The user is added via admin panel in spotlight. But this user is not visible in spotlight, when I see another user.
How can I test email sending from my site?
For some reason there isn't any subscription option on the site showing (Activate Super Powers).
How can I change "Signature" in automail?
Where approved photos uploaded by the user?
I see error 404 when click on site links and profiles
I use oryx/ Ineed to mofify the login/join/index page, take off all/any internal info like news: video, post , etc/
Where you set the background image for a user profile in the "Urban"(styles)
How to change(remove) bubble on the main page template "New age"("Dating main page")
How to change image on home page template "New age"
What is the purpose of the "Timeline activity"
Is there a way to automatically move the text chat upwards when someone is video chatting?
How to translate the admin zone?
I want to make the wall shorter. So less messages on it.
How do I replace the image of the couple on the New_Age site with another image?
What parameters determine the popularity of a website user?
How to configure so the user had to pay to get access to the "Want to meet you"
How can I block IP range?
How do I remove the social login button from my website and mobile site?
How do I setup the nudity filter?
How is the video greeting feature setup? Currently, I can't setup the video greeting and users aren't able to figure out how to setup or the video greeting.
How do I activate the website and mobile website audio and video chat features?
How to translate App on my desired language?
Can I disable the option of profile deletion?
In the main menu bar is missing the button "more" in my language
The video and audio chat where do I find that?
How I can stop member to register with numbers?(Text Filter)
When I set up the fortumo account when the person is going to pay, fortumo itself offer them different packages options but not the one the people choose in the website
How can I set mobile home page for members?
Google Maps does not appear on my site, what should I do?
From where i can replace the images appearing at all 3d world rooms?
How can I delete interests group(Music, Sport...)?
How can I enable reCAPTCHA?
How i can activate chat rooms? And where find them?
What is the size limit for a member to upload file(picture, video)?
Message "Welcoming message" is not sent
How can I translate some parts of main page of affiliate page?
How do I paste Google Analytics code on webpage?
What new features are available in the new version?
How can I disable SEO friendly?
How can I add credits to user?
How do I set up Google, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, Facebook log in buttons(Social login)?
I need to verify the site to google with a meta tag, I can't find a way to verify the website with it.
How to play videos with profile in 3DCity?
Admin cannot add profile to the spotlight
How I can add the waterlogo to the photos?
How can I enable map on main page?
How can I edit payment plans?
If you want to bill yearly, what do you do?
Por favor puede decirme como o donde poner, para que la gente cuando se registre en mi pagina tenga automaticamente 150 creditos.
How can I use Bing maps?
I use white theme for mobile in mobile paging is 5 member per page i need to change it to 10 member per page so tell me how can i do that by admin or which file?
How can I review what the app looks like? I need some screen shots to submit.
How can i see all new change in new version, so can compare and upgrade files manually without loosing our custom modification?
We was start to translates in Spanish from admin panel our web site. Now we see under field "Find new friends in" in section sexual orientations it's always "Hombre".
How can I make mane page picture the same like Urban demo? I did change a picture but its either to small or to big.
I want to send the English language file to a translation company. Where is it?
Example of the translation of the missing phrase on the website in the mobile templates
How to translate "I AM HERE TO" filter search mobile urban?
Where can I change and include translations for the title on the initial page? (Welcome to the website!)
What is fake profiles' replier and making or the function can exactly?
How can I disable "Please buy credits to be able to speak to her"?
How do change the link Activate Your Superpowers to Upgrade?
How can I disable invisible mode in Urban?
How i change the default city location viewed in the main page
How can i change the Website administration message ?
Which config file has the database username and password so I get it for you?
I want to make this site plain and simple. First month free, $10 a month thereafter.
I dont want to have the gift section in the website. I want it deleted.
How do i delete a profile field?
How do I set up CCBill?
I cannot get my affiliate text links to work for my affiliate click through.
How can I enable mobile version only?
I want the name states changed to university and cities changed to campus.
Redundant Hostnames Property is receiving data from redundant hostnames
Message: unpack(): Type V: not enough input, need 4, have 0
Is there a location on the site for me to put the SSL seal and verified so that users know we are a secure site?
How to move the log in form to another location?
Where I edit Membership Terms ' Conditions and Privacy Policy pages
Setting the "Default search location" for the new user
What options/functions does the site use with cronjob?
Where do I change the Name Servers for my domain at GoDaddy?
What is the directory of the gift images?
how am I able to remove interests from the profiles?
How does the option 'Forced user About Me"
What is Spotlight module source file?
If I have credits to make video chat request, does the other person have to have sufficient credits in order to do video chat too?
How do I set Russian as the language of the Admin CP?
How do I change the email template to German, for example "Welcome..."
I want to add a new criteria in the Match Mail
I want to change the name of a few menu items (home, news, videos, etc.)(Oryx, Mixer, New age)
I thought setting set orientation matches would enable only opposite sex matches are mailed but seems to be not working. It is sending mixed sexes.
How do I send the visitors to the German version of the site?
In the URAN framework, instead of the front page saying: "Meet New People In New York!" that has a link to it, I would like it to say: "Register and access the site free for a limited time!" with no link..
What exactly is profile type (Allow users to change profile type)?
What are the things a user can do to achieve high popularity?
How long will a user stay in the first place?
How do I change the "oops!" word in the word filter to something else?
How to hide or remove the map in Urban mobile?
What is the optimum width and height of a banner on header and footer(Urban)?
How to make main page of the mobile urban background-picture?
How do I change the following text in the home page: "Meet new people in Los Angeles!"
How do i add phone number field for new members when they join?
How can I change the background color of my Urban mobile(App) colors and the header etc?
How to change the order of the mobile app menu?
Сan i made a normally profil to a fake profil...?
Is there a way to also include audio chat and video chat into super power?
How to make free website access for one of the orientations of the users?
How can we change the payment plan name from "Silver" to Emerald ?
Which templates allow groups?
How do I hide the age in People nearby?
I have set the watermark text but it is not shown on the photo.
How to translate states and cities into another language?
How to replace the image of the 3 messages (send and receive messages, upload and share photos, meet in person)? Which folder contains those images?
Can I use "main" languages for the mobile version and the apps?
How can I see if my browser supports WebRTC?
As it is determined that the user has the status "New"?
I would like to see their passwords. how I'm able to do that?
Why can not users pay on the mobile apps?
How do I remove some of the images from the list of images on main page?
How do i add new pages in Urban(Impact) template?
How can I disable photo rating?
How to find video chat in the phone?
Where is the code which is responsible for the display of the map on the main page?
I am testing the video chat using 2 browsers on my phone but it wont work?
Users are not getting an email asking them to confirm their email after they sign up.
How can I translate forum title and description?
I see "Chrome needs SSL certificate to run video chat"
How can users search other users by Username?
Where do I edit the groups' categories?
How do i set site so men see women only and women see only men?
Available types of user profile fields
How can I disable In-App Purchases?
How to recover accidentally deleted cities, states and countries?
Edit categories video
How to upload music to templates, oryx, mixer, new age?
How can I remove the carousel (spotlight) from Urban?
How to add video to profile in Urban?
In the Mixer template when I sign in as a registered user some tabs don't show in the menu
How I can make that the website only charge for a monthly membership and people who join can see profiles but not send messages or chat with people until buy the membership?
What is the folder that contains the images of the Urban main page?
Where can i set New Matches so that users gets gender specific match?
How do I find my app's URL in the Play Store?
In the footer of automails there is a sentence "Thanks for using our site" I can not find translation for this?
How do I put Android button on my site, my app is already in the store?
Where can I get all the variants of Urban you have on the demo?
It's another place where I need to change the language for the cellphone users?
How to add users to spotlight in your admin panel?
Can I disable mobile version?
How can I have only one city on the main page?
How users can change country/location in search engine?
How can I translate into Italian the admin side?
Can you tell me where to set minimum length of username?
Message: SMTP auth error 535 Authentication failed. Restarting authentication process.
If I go to admin I get this message: Site error: the file /homepages/htdocs/_include/core/starter5.0.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.6.so to be installed by the website operator
How to block phone numbers from messages?
How to activate user if he has not received a confirmation email profile?
Switch templates?
How can I edit template?
Where is 3dcity settings?
Where to change the password to access the admin panel of the site?
How to disable user lock by another user?
Where can we change the upload size of video and file types?
How to set moderation of new users, as well as checking the text fields of a profile, photos and videos?
How do I change the settings so members have to register to search for someone?
Why after creating the new field it is not visible in profile fields?
How do I set default distance search for users?
How to add missing translations in mobile language?
How the messages exchange process the application? Can I increase speed?
There is no way to check chat history?
How to connect your payment system?
Where can I find template files?
I have installed an SSL certificate on my server, how to I redirect the visitors to https://?
Where can I see all my friends(to confirm or cancel a friend request)?
How can I change the background of the main page in the mobile template urban?
How to add a new language for the site?
How can I translate the cities into my language?
My site doesn't send emails
How does a user change their primary profile picture?
How often should I clear cache in "Main > Options > Cache"?
Where do we edit the welcome messages?
How to translate "Text title" on the home page?
How can I change user password?
When I tried to chat system still asked me to pay credits! What am I not doing right?
How do I forward a second domain to my website?
Can I remove the (body type) option - Disabled
There is a quote "Meet New People in xxx!" already on the homepage. What is the script name of the homepage as I would like to add another piece of quote below it.
I do not want the payments to be recurrent.
Apple asks me what reporting features the app has
How can I enable CURL in PHP on my server?
Is there a feature related to reporting abuse?
What is "Users activate"?
Can I add text in Oryx main page?
I have uploaded an image to the main page but now would like to delete it. Where can I find the image to delete it.
If i just want to do monthly membership without credits how do i do that?
Please the change activate Superpowers to ACTIVATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP
How to show google ads on my Urban site?
How can I change admin password?
How can i make my frontage permanently for singapore map site only?
How can I have more than 2 email address?
I can't see anywhere the user can upgrade from free/trial to another one of the payment plans.
Filtering prohibited phrases in chat?
How to show my PHP variable in the template?
It says 2mb is the maximum size of one photo!
How can I see my 3dcity avatar?
Fake profiles. How to respond from admin panel?
How to set right column of page template urban?
How to disable "User is too popular today"?
Is it possible to change the price of gifts?
How to send a report to the administrator on a user or photo in mobile urban?
How to remove/disable in the "Profile customization" pictures for backgrounds profile?
What is message notification?
How can I add new cities and states?
I can set a number of messages that users can send, before superpowers required?
How do I remove "Meet people in" block from the front page?
Can people block people on the mobile version and how?
I am french and my domains are at www.lws.fr, how to I change the nameservers?
Field is invisible in the Urban extended search
When the user register there is a website message that pops up on the right side, what exactly is that and how can we disable it?
How To Determine Fake Profiles?
How can we add additional admin or editor for site with different access. When site growing we need add more admin to help us
I want to change the IM chat sound in urban, how i can do this?
How to make video or audio call?
How to access private photos of a user?
How to change the image on the main page of the mobile template urban?
Where do I set the percentage paid to the affiliates?
How can I delete footer logo in Urban?
How to create new gender?
How can I move from your cloud hosting to another one?
I host at your cloud server. How can I install SSL certificate on my website?
Why not all users can add to the spotlight from the admin panel?
How to create and install other language?
How do I set up Robokassa?
Creating pages in the section Site news > Pages > Not in menu
The connection of the payment system "Fortumo"
How do I make the site free for women?
How do I upload a favicon?
How do i post a video on the opening page to my site to welcome people?
How Can I Create A Google Translate API Key?
How/Where to add Google Analytic Code script. It should be on all the pages.
I am ready to have the mobile apps submitted, what should I do?
There are various animated preloaders with hearts throughout the software. How can I remove these?
Where do I edit Interests?
How do I submit the iOS app to the App Store?
How to change the map in Chameleon.Urban into an image?
How to find out what ionCube loader version I have installed on my hosting?
What ionCube loader version should I have to run the software?
How can I install the latest ioncube loader on my shared hosting?
How do I know what version of Chameleon I am using?
How do i edit or remove the default background on user profile page.
Captcha image shows as a broken image
I like to chat with members without paying for the subcription. How can I do that?
This is a free website please can you take out all the payments options we do not need that now
Where can I find the files in my Terms and Conditions so that I can change them?
The App you made for me is working with my website? How I can test it before submitting to the app store.
The homepage image constantly changes from the image i set in admin panel Why does this keep happening
I do not have the option to select video chat and call features as "paid" services
Is there a way to turn off the Age displayed of a person which appears next to their name?
How do I submit an app to Google Play Store?
I have logged into my test account today on my website to find it saying that my account as been temporarily blocked?
How do I remove contact us?
Can I turn the map off in the profile page? How?
Can I add new pages in Urban?
How do i change the currency on my site?
I would like to change the sound for the urban mobile when "messaging". please give me the location of that file to have it replaced.
I do not have photo rating and cant see it in admin on how to activate
I would like to create several pages, for example, regulations, privacy policy and assistance and other pages. how can I add these pages to the template? I know that is created in the administration panel but how, for example, add them to the page footer
Main page title and text translation option, as I see is only in English and the text can be changed. What to do if I like to translate it to any other language and make it readable in that language if user choose his/her language?
How to disable 'Testimonials and Dating News' from footer as I tried to disable/deleted from Sites News but seem its still appearing at footer.
Could you please explain to me how the "Manual user approval" works?
Need a site map installed by web host, how do we do this???
Am I the only responsible for the backups if hosted on your server?
There are some word cant be translated into other language
Hey, i want to change the facebook like button, how i can do that?
How can I set up Paypal automatic recurring billing?
Can you please tell me how to remove the "upgrade now" animation from home.php ?
I'm not liking how my logo appears on the site.
I was wondering if you could tell me how to remove the Chameleon Name all over my website? for example the one that says: New to Chameleon? Try it now!
In Urban, how do I remove the map on the main page?
How do I switch off a field?
About spotlight feature, how many days a photo picture will be there?
I tested paypal for a payment to upgrade and it upgraded the member but after the term for the upgrade was up it still is on there. It never counted down the days. The test was for 1 day and it's been almost 7 days when I checked the users Paid Days Left
What is the special thing users that upgrade will get?
Massmail, What does "others" mean in the choosing who its sent to? Is there a way I can just send it to myself and not all the users to check what it looks like?
How to disable language selector?
The problem is no one is showing up on the vote section so people can vote, how do u configure that so the vote section won't be empty
When a user Upgrades how does this work? Because they can chat already before upgrade
I uploaded a Logo and it appears so small on the Website, whats the Fix to that?
Can you please tell me how to remove "Match mail - weekly email with new members"
How do I increase permitted file size for music?
Hi can you please reset my admin password? I lost it and am not able to reset it?
How to I change modes in the Oryx template. I want the Social Dating mode.
How do I design email templates, not just put logo
Can you please tell me how to edit the following pages: 1. How It Works 2. About Us 3. Site Tour
I want to rename profile fields
What does the " Use the default top 5 button " mean and do? Should it be checked ?
Can you explain the difference between a Smart profile and a Simple profile?
Home page Dating with wall.
Feed as home page. What does that mean? - I cant´t figure out.
How do I make the mobile app inactive on the site?
How do I upload main page image in Oryx in Dating Main Page mode?
Make females free
Deleting countries
How do I switch off the date newsletter?
How to change a word on the site?
What is "Use as root page"?
Can I put up an under construction page?
Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8192 bytes)
How to set up the payment methods which are currently on the page?
Where do I change the allowed ages?
Remove facebook login, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, VK
Manual account approval
Port 465
How to set up my phone email client(or Outlook) when I use your hosting?
Bad words filter
Custom maintenance page
How to change Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?
Inactive user time-out in minutes
Upgrading the servers, please wait...
How long are members 'new members' for? And can this be changed in admin?
How to disable the mobile version?
How to remove "I am a man interested in women"? I don't want any dating stuff
How do I change the logo and the favicon?
How do I change the titles of the pages?
How do I change the watermark on the photo?
Where do I edit banners?
How do I change the menu order and disable some pages?
How do I activate the free trial?
How do I edit the custom fields?
Where do I edit the automatic emails?
Where do I disable viewing the site without logging in?
Facebook login button setup
New Customers FAQ
How to set all the features free for all?
How do I change the watermark on the photos?
How do I install ionCube PHP Loader on my server?
"Forgotten password" option sends an encrypted password. Why?
Help! All my users see the admin panel of the forum!
I don't see the links/buttons for VideoChat, VoIP, Games
Where can I find my FTP data?
I get error "http 406 Not Acceptable".
I get errors uploading images/video/audio. Seems they are too big.
Installation says I need to set cron jobs! How?!
I want to give free access to women only!
I need to add Google Adsense to the page. How?
I have made a site using your software, can I sell it?
I try to upload images but get: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg()
I need to make changes in the video chat or flash chat.
I can not see VideoChat, VoIP, Games, IM.
Where do I change the watermark on photos?
When I install the script, I can not unpack the DB, on one of the steps the script hangs and does not do anything.
The script only shows a white page with the name of the domain (www.your-site.com)
I uploaded the files, but I see that IonCube Optimizer is not installed
I uploaded the files, but I get an error like
How do I set up PayPal?
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