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01 Jun 2016 
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 If I have credits to make video chat request, does the other person have to have sufficient credits in order to do video chat too?
30 May 2016 08:17 PM
 How do I set Russian as the language of the Admin CP?
30 May 2016 08:16 PM
 How do I change the email template to German, for example "Welcome..."
29 May 2016 10:10 PM
 I want to add a new criteria in the Match Mail
29 May 2016 12:24 PM
 I want to change the name of a few menu items (home, news, videos, etc.)(Oryx, Mixer, New age)
27 May 2016 05:22 PM
 I thought setting set orientation matches would enable only opposite sex matches are mailed but seems to be not working. It is sending mixed sexes.
27 May 2016 11:24 AM
 How do I send the visitors to the German version of the site?
26 May 2016 09:37 PM
 In the URAN framework, instead of the front page saying: "Meet New People In New York!" that has a link to it, I would like it to say: "Register and access the site free for a limited time!" with no link..
25 May 2016 02:19 PM
 What exactly is profile type (Allow users to change profile type)?
23 May 2016 11:17 AM
 What are the things a user can do to achieve high popularity?
22 May 2016 10:44 PM
 How long will a user stay in the first place?
22 May 2016 10:42 PM
 How do I change the "oops!" word in the word filter to something else?
22 May 2016 10:37 PM
 How to hide or remove the map in Urban mobile?
22 May 2016 12:03 PM
  What is the optimum width and height of a banner on header and footer?
21 May 2016 05:17 PM
 How to make main page of the mobile urban background-picture?
21 May 2016 12:19 PM
 How do I change the following text in the home page: "Meet new people in Los Angeles!"
20 May 2016 11:14 PM
 How do i add phone number field for new members when they join?
20 May 2016 05:56 PM
 How can I change the background color of my Urban mobile(App) colors and the header etc?
19 May 2016 05:22 PM
 How to change the order of the mobile app menu?
19 May 2016 07:34 AM
 –°an i made a normally profil to a fake profil...?
18 May 2016 06:06 AM
 Is there a way to also include audio chat and video chat into super power?
17 May 2016 08:16 PM
 How to make free website access for one of the orientations of the users?
17 May 2016 09:28 AM
 How can we change the payment plan name from "Silver" to Emerald ?
16 May 2016 11:44 PM
 Which templates allow groups?
16 May 2016 07:17 PM
 How do I hide the age in People nearby?
15 May 2016 11:23 PM
 I have set the watermark text but it is not shown on the photo.
15 May 2016 04:26 PM
 How to translate states and cities into another language?
15 May 2016 08:15 AM
 How to replace the image of the 3 messages (send and receive messages, upload and share photos, meet in person)? Which folder contains those images?
15 May 2016 08:05 AM
 Can I use "main" languages for the mobile version and the apps?
14 May 2016 10:12 PM
 How can I see if my browser supports WebRTC?
12 May 2016 09:25 PM
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